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Making the best Sandwich in Denver

The best sandwich in Denver

What makes a sandwich the best sandwich in Denver? Well…first things first, the bread! In order to be considered a really great sandwich, the bread has to be amazing: baked fresh, soft inside with a slight crunch on the outside and perfectly baked to for perfection. The next piece to being the best sandwich in Denver is what you fill that fresh baked bread with. We use Hellman’s Mayo because it is pretty much the best damn mayonnaise out there, so we believe you should start with Hellman’s and a slather of deliciously spicy Dijon mustard. One on top and one on bottom! Next, using the freshest veggies possible is a must. The freshly shredded lettuce goes down first (because lets face it, iceberg lettuce gets really good when it mingles with the mayo), then the thick sliced tomatoes, then a few thin pieces of red onion along with a couple shakes of oregano and a couple shakes of basil topped with a small dousing of extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar. The fresh veggies play an important role in any sandwich but they essentially set the stage for the superstar to come on board: the meat and cheese! The quality of meat and cheeses are imperative to making the best sandwich in Denver come together. Using top of the line meats and superior cheeses are essential. Slice the capicola, salami and provolone fresh every day. Our process as to which the meat and cheeses are laid out on the veggies are extremely important because it creates the perfect sandwich bite each time. You must layer them like so: a layer of capicola and salami followed by 2 slices of provolone on top, then another layer of capicola and salami goes down followed by 2 more slices of provolone on top again. If you are a fan of spicy goodness, then we think giardiniera straight from Chi-town is a must! Top it off with a little bit of that zesty yumminess and close that beautiful sandwich up. The last step to making a great sandwich is how it is wrapped. I know this may seem like a silly step to making the best sandwich in Denver, but it is very important for one reason: it closes up the sandwich and lets everything meld together so that when you unwrap that bad boy 2 minutes later, each bite is amazing! You’re welcome for the Best Sandwich in Denver called The Don. Now go eat lunch!

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